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Proper chiropractic care can change your life, but don’t just take our word for it. To help guide
your health care choices, see what our happy customers are saying.

Amazing service and treatment
The adjustment was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and truly left me speechless. The (Spine
Wellness Center provided) me with instant relief, care, and communication. Aaliyah helped me
relax with electrode therapy, heating pack, and light stretches. Dr. Anane and his staff truly care
about every single patient. – Dominique Seldon

Immediate results after the first visit
I made my appointment at the Spine Wellness Center after waking up to Sciatica pain. (At the
office) I (experienced discomfort) as I (prepared to) receive my treatment. Afterward, I found that
I was able to (move around) with EASE! I was beyond amazed at how good I felt walking out of
his office! (If you’re looking) for a place that goes above and beyond, visit The Spine Wellness
Center. – Kamilah Wills

Effective treatment and welcoming environment
I’ve had a few nagging aches that wouldn’t go away. The treatments I received helped me
tremendously. The office space is beautiful and Dr. Anane and his staff are always polite and
welcoming. – Lauren Washington

Five star treatment
If I could give more than 5 stars, I would! Within the past 5 years, I've been involved in 2 auto
accidents. As a result, I have constant lower back pain. Dr. Anane’s THOROUGH assessment
found that there were multiple factors contributing to my lower back pain. Additionally, Dr.
Anane performed the Graston technique on my back. I'm looking forward to my “road to relief.”
– M Turner

Dr. Anane is in a league of his own
I’ve been Dr. Hayford Anane’s client for two years. As a percussionist and healthcare
professional, I needed a long-term fix to occasional lower back tightness. Dr. Anane is truly in a
league of his own! When I walk into his practice, I am greeted with a calming energy that is quite
liberating. – Sean B

Are you ready to start your road to relief? Join our happy customers and begin your chiropractic
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