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Spinal Beach Safety Tips

Trips to the beach are a popular summer pastime. Sand, water, and sun – there’s so much to enjoy. However, what many do not enjoy is the spinal and back pain that can occur without taking the right precautions.

If you’re heading to the beach, these tips can help prevent injuries and encourage spinal health.

  1. Drink water – Staying hydrated helps nourish your spinal discs and ensures the body is adequately prepared to handle the heat. Bring water bottles and keep them just cool enough for better absorption into the body. Ice cold drinks can shock the system.
  2. Take a walk – Keep your body moving for at least 10 minutes every hour by walking down the beach, strolling along a pier or heading to a restaurant. Also, wear the right shoes to help give proper support and keep your legs and backs from aching.
  3. Use a Wagon – Too many people overpack for the beach and then attempt to carry multiple bags with them. This excess weight can put major strain on the body that can lead to back pain. Instead, use a wagon and pack smaller bags to help manage the heavier loads.
  4. Avoid looking down at your book – Who doesn’t love a good book while relaxing on the beach? But arching your neck forward may cause problems in your cervical spine. To avoid this, try holding your book closer to eye level while keeping your head and neck upright. 
  5. Monitor tanning positions – Lying face down on the sand is a popular sun tanning position. But it can also be a potentially harmful one for your spine due to stress on the vertebrae in your lower back and neck. Instead, keep your head in a neutral position or well-positioned in a lounge chair. 

Any beachgoers still feeling sore after taking precautions should visit a chiropractor. If you’re in need of spinal care, contact our clinic and our team of professionals will be happy to talk with you.