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At Home Ergonomics for Online Students

Sudden changes in how our children have shifted in learning can have impacts on their physical well-being, just as much as their mental or emotional faculties. Kids have transitioned unexpectedly from a classroom with properly sized tables and chairs to sitting at the kitchen table or sofa, without the support they need to develop good habits. Online learning has now taken up the majority of their day, without the recess and lunch breaks that encouraged running and active play with others.

This can wreak havoc, even on smaller bodies. As they are currently growing and developing, proper posture, neck, and back support are crucial to help encourage their health. This can be difficult as they maneuver large keyboards, or may not have a proper set of headphones that can filter the sounds of bells, whistles and chatter appropriately to protect their hearing. A proper space for their learning is crucial, even if you have limited resources. Make sure kids have a dedicated space to focus on their work without distractions, and try to make it as ergonomic as possible. Ensure that they have a space where they can stand and move around freely, as they may need to shake out excessive energy and keep their blood flowing.

If you notice complaints from your child that resemble those of “desk workers”, it may be time to check in with a chiropractor. If after some time, your child expresses discomfort with sitting for long periods of time, or numbness or tingling with their limbs, they may have issues with a pinched nerve. A chiropractor can make an assessment and offer recommendations of solutions that may help ease any pain your child could be having.

At Spine Wellness Center, we strive to provide the highest level of chiropractic and care for the entire family. If you’re interested in a pediatric chiropractic exam or want to learn more about our Clinton, MD practice, now is the perfect time to give us a call and learn more about the pros and cons of pediatric chiropractic services.